Name: Beki

1. Born/Raised: Born in Portage, WI; raised in Verona, WI

2. Family: Sarena 11, Marquis 10, Josiah 5, and Vanessa 1.

3. Hobbies: Reading, swimming, spending time with my kids, family and friends.

4. Education: Ass't and Lead Teacher, Infant/Toddler, SIDS, SBS, CPR, First Aid, lots of other E.C. courses

5. Experience: 4 Kids, 9 years in centers.

6. Years in the field: 9 years

7. Years at Animal Crackers: I was hired in 2002

8. What is your favorite childhood memory? Buiding forts accross from my house and taping pennies to the railroad tracks.

9. What is your favorite children’s book and why? "I'll Love You Forever" it shows that a mothers love never goes away and that a child will always be a mothers baby.