Welcome to the Teddy Bear Room!!

Our general age range is 6 weeks to 14 months. We have a wide range of development in our room. Mostly, we are learning who we are, what’s ours, and how to use our bodies to manipulate objects. We are also becoming more and more aware of the people around us. Our teachers responsibilities include, but are not limited to: meeting our basic needs: feeding us, changing our diapers and helping us fall asleep. Our teachers also read to us, sing to us, challenge our developmental skills with activities, talk to us, observe and record our daily activities, etc. Our parents/guardians are expected to call our teachers to let them know if we will be absent for any reason. Our parents/guardians also supply our diapers, wipes, ointment, crib sheet and blanket, bottles, at least two sets of extra clothes, a pacifier if we use one, as well as all weather-appropriate outdoor gear, including hats, gloves, snow pants and boots in the winter. Animal Crackers has a deep freezer to store breast milk in, as well as a refrigerator in our classroom for thawed breast milk. Animal Crackers also provides formula, infant cereal, jar food, table food, and whole milk, as well as biter biscuits, cherrios and snacks. Please feel free to call 277-9990 to schedule a tour of our classroom.

Schedule for the Infant Room

Due to our education and training in Early Childhood Development and High Scope Curriculum, there is no set schedule for all children enrolled in the infant classroom. Each child is on their own individual schedule.
We do, however, check diapers every 2 hours and offer food every 3 hours or as needed.
We take children outside everyday that the weather permits. Naps are also on each child’s individual schedule.

Thank You,
Infant Room Teachers