1. What is City of Madison Accreditation?

2. Do you have a payment plan?

3. How often does your tuition increase?

4. Is there a waiting list?

5. Do you have a Summer Program?

6. Will my children get nutritious meals?









What is City of Madison Accreditation?

City of Madison Accreditation is a set of higher standards to which we are held to.  It is above and beyond state licensing requirements.  To obtain City Accreditation, we must fill out and submit many forms about our center.  Each classroom answers a packet full of questions about their classroom.  The Executive Director fills out many packets about the curriculum and program, administration, etc.  The representative from the state is given all of these packets.  Then the representative schedules observation times in each classroom.  The representative spends one week observing in each classroom to ensure he or she sees every aspect of the day as well as seeing a long period of time to ensure continuity and consistency, not just a “good day”.  The state representative will also talk with many teachers in the center to be sure everything in the packets is common knowledge, such as policies, procedures, our mission, goals, curriculum and programming.  After this is all done, the center is or is not awarded City of Madison Accreditation.  This is not the last we see of our state representative.  We know that on any given day at any given time, he or she may be back to see how things are going.  We never have to prepare for a licensor or validator visit, because we are sure our level of care and education is always at its best.  We renew our City Accreditation every year.

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Do you have a payment plan?

Due to the rising costs of childcare, Animal Crackers, Inc. offers families myriad payment plans that fit their budget. All payment plans are set up upon enrollment with the Executive Director and can be altered if necessary.

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How often does your tuition increase?

Every year, Animal Crackers, Inc. needs to raise their tuition to cover the increase in their cost of goods and staff raises. The Parent Board of Directors votes on these proposed tuition increases in November and parents are notified 30 days prior to the increase going into affect in December.

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Is there a waiting list?

Yes, We fill out an informational form on the family and file it in a binder in chronological order. When a spot become available, we start from the beginning of the list and start calling and the first person to accept the spot gets it.

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Do you have a Summer Program?

Yes, Animal Crackers, Inc. offers school-agers, K-11 years of age, a fantastic Summer Camp filled with arts, crafts, sports, water play, cooking and science projects, dance, park time, fieldtrips and academic programs. This camp runs Monday-Friday 7AM-6PM. Space is limited, so we encourage early enrollment to secure a spot.

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Will my children get nutritious meals?

Yes, Animal Crackers, Inc. provides your child with nutritious, well-balanced breakfasts, lunches and snacks. Infant formula is provided by the center until your childs first birthday. Baby food is also provided.

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