Name: Jessica

1. Born/Raised:
Beloit, WI

2. Family:
Fiance Phillip. Parents Bob and Karla. Younger siblings Jenni and Josh.

3. Hobbies: Hiking at the State Parks, Reading, Spending as much time outdoors as possible.

4. Education: BS Child Life from Edgewood College

5. Experience:
Internship at Rockford Memorial Hospital in Child Life Department. Nanny for two infants, Lead Pre-K teacher at Playhaven Childcare.

6. Years in the field:
Since 2009

7. Start date at Animal Crackers Inc.:
January 2010

8. Why did you choose to teach in early childhood education?
I have always been interested in working with children and their families.

9. What do you appreciate about the age group you are working with? Infants find joy in the simpilest things, every day they discover new things and a smile brightens everyone's day.

10. What is your favorite childhood memory? All the different family vacations I took growing up.

11. What is your favorite children’s book and why? "Three Little Pigs" My grandparents used to read it to me.

12. Tell us something surprising about you that we wouldn't otherwise guess? I have been on four mission trips to different places in the United States.