Name: Ramona

1. Born/Raised: Lodi, WI

2. Family:
Mom: Barb, Dad: Parnell, Sister: Morgan, Brother-In-Law: Eric,
Nephew: Sebastian & Niece: Natasha

3. Hobbies: I enjoy listening to music, watching movies, camping and
relaxing on the beach.

4. Education: Child Care Assistant Teacher, Child Care teacher, Infant Toddler Certificate, and many othec certificates from MATC

5. Experience:
Since gaining my education, I have worked in a variety of Child Care Centers in the Madison area.  Most of my career has been spent with Infants and Toddlers, But I have worked with all ages.

6. Years in the field:
Six years

7. Start date at Animal Crackers Inc.:
I was hired on 6-18-07

8. Why did you choose to teach in early childhood education?
I enjoyed babysitting when I was 12 and decided to take a more professional role in the care of children.

9. What do you appreciate about the age group you are working with? I enjoy seeing the infants reach different developmental milestones, and seeing the joy on their face when they accomplish each one.  I also enjoy seeing toddlers get excited when they figure something out that they have been working on for a long time.

10. What is your favorite childhood memory? Just hanging out with my sister and our friends  I  loved going on camping trips to various states with my sister, counsins and Grandparents.

11. What is your favorite children’s book and why? "Guess how much I love you" Because it is a great story about a mothers love for her child, and in turn, the childs love for her mother.  It’s put in a context that is easy for even the youngest children to understand and relate to.

12. Tell us something surprising about you that we wouldn't otherwise guess? If I had not said anything earlier in this profile, I would say you wouldn’t guess that Morgan is my sister!